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Found 3 results

  1. I know I've seen thread after thread, request after request for a viable method to card gift cards at Walmart. I've been able to successfully card Walmart for gift cards using a method that I came across accidentally last week. It doesn't take much at all (7 steps to be honest). I wrote a detailed tutorial (step-by-step) on how I accomplish this (at Walmart only). I was going to charge for it, but I figured I'd give them away, for a possible "tip"/"gift" of btc or valid cvv or fullz - just whatever you think it's worth. I hope you decide to get it, as it's a very valid method and I've been using it to get all kinds of cards like PSN 12 month cards, iTunes, Google Play, etc. I'd love to see someone rock some cc's and make a killing! Just reply and let me know!
  2. Amazon Gift Generator 0.1 (NO CHECKER)
  3. 1, Put on UK VPN or SOCK5 2. Clear all cookies with ccleaner or any good software 3. Get UK cc (Visa works best) 3. Go to hotmail.com then create email with name of cc ( If cc name is John Smith, make [[email protected]] or similar) 4. Go to amazon.co.uk and click gift card then select print now 5. Pick a design and amount as 10 Pounds (Trust me) 6. Put the name you are sending to with same last name as cc ( If cc name John Smith send to Jake Smith or similar) 7. Click add to order then carry on and create new account with email you ade ([email protected]) 8. Fill in all details then make order 9. In 5-7 minutes you will have your GC 10. Then you can do again and again with same CC but always do 10 Pounds because its guaranteed to work if CC has balance 11. From each good CC you should get 70 Pounds 12. When CC stop working clear cookies change IP and do again 13. You can add as many GC as you want to one Amazon acc. 14. That's it ! Enjoy