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  6. Bank Transfer & Paypal Transfer ( ShadowCrew ) Bank Transfers :- This is my responsibility to transfer the required amount into your account and when it will be show fully transfered than my work will be over and then this is your responsibilty to handle the bankers and get safe your side.i will use my personal method for make clear payment so no dispute no chargeback chances. Paypal Transfer :- Using hacked and verified paypal accounts to transfer paypal account to account transfer if you are genious then you can easily dodge paypal and enjoy big free online money from it.this is depends upon you and this is most safest way to earn money. (transferring all over the world except banned/blacklisted countries) .:: For Bank Transfer Information Needed ::. For Usa Transfer Info Needed: 1: Account Number 2: Routing Number 3: Bank Name: 4: Account Holder Name: 5: Account Holder Phone Number: For Uk Transfer Info Needed: 1: Account Number: 2: Sort Code: 3: Bank Name: 4: Account Holder Name: For International Transfer info Needed: 1: Account Number: 2: Iban Or Swift Code: 3: Bank Name: 4: Account Holder Name: Payment Gateway := Terms & Conditions : A person can take transfer once in a week and maximum 4 times in a month . If anyone want to do regular business with me then you must have many bank accounts,paypal,moneybookers and fake ids for western union because after 2 or 3 transfers your paypal and Wu ids will be black listed and banned. so think before deal. Make big transactions and get a side and give other peoples chance or try to gather many fake accounts and work with me on regular basis. Info for electronics items :- Frequently Asked Questions Does your stuff works in my country ? Yes, they are factory unlocked. Means that they work eveywhere in the word. Why don't you do small deals ? Sorry , i do not waste my time and my private method for small money... Can you ship to my country ? I live Nigeria / India Yes, i can ship to any country. Even Nigeria and India Will i have any customs or additional fees to pay when i receive my product? No. There is no customs fees or additional taxes. I ship as a Gift from a Private Buisness Compagny. There is no customs duty even in Indonesia,Pakistan,Nigeria,India,etc even if you order 101 Iphones or bulk quantity What carrier you use to ship? I use DHL/Fedex/UPS/USPS/Express/EMS Do you accept Paypal ? No How can i pay you then? By Perfectmoney or Bitcoins. Can you give me some recent tracking of your shipped deals? No. By giving you the tracking number of my customers, you can get the delivery adress. And i keep the privacy of my customers. If you can card all this, why sel lit so cheap ? why dont sell it for real cash I already tried, For example,hard to find serious buyers, people in Gang want to robb me, or police in civil, etc. So i sell on internet for cheap and anonymously. And even with those price, i make money. For me , its a good way to cashout my carding skillz I want an item from another site that EBAY , can you do it ? And do i need a drop? YES! I can card almost any site, any price, any country. And no , you don;t need a drop. I will card to my drop then ship to you. Is it safe ? will my Iphones get blocked ? Yes, its 200% SAFE! I ship from me, so there is no problem. And no, Iphones and others item cant be blocked or anything else. You can keep them for all your life without a problem. I want to deal. But how to trust you ? If you are talking me , its because you read my Service thread. That means, you probably, or not, checked the pages of good feedback from members who got their stuff. You still don't feel safe? Use CardersGroup.Com Escrow service. You send the money to CardersGroup.com, and then i ship. cardersgroup.com release the money when you confirm that you received the stuff and that all is good
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